Mother's Day in Australia: Your Complete Guide

1. When is Mother's Day in Australia?

  • Mother's Day 2024 in Australia falls on the second Sunday of May, which is on May 12. While the date is not fixed like some other holidays, such as New Year's Day or Christmas, it consistently occurs on the second Sunday of May.

2. Is Mother's Day a public holiday in Australia?

  • No, Mother's Day is not a public holiday in Australia. However, it is widely celebrated across the country and is a special occasion for families to come together and honor mothers and mother figures.

3. What is the history behind Mother's Day?

  • Mother's Day has its roots in ancient Greek and Roman festivals honoring mother goddesses. In modern times, it originated in the United States when Anna Jarvis campaigned for an official day to honor mothers after her own mother's death in 1905. It became an official holiday in 1914.

4. How is Mother's Day celebrated in Australia?

  • Australians celebrate Mother's Day by showering their mothers with love, affection, and gifts. Many families gather for special meals, picnics, or outings. It's common to give flowers, chocolates, and heartfelt cards to mothers as tokens of appreciation.

5. What are some popular Mother's Day gift ideas?

  • Popular Mother's Day gifts include flowers, chocolates, personalized jewelry, spa vouchers, and gift hampers filled with gourmet treats, wines, or health and beauty products. Consider what your mother enjoys and tailor the gift to her interests.

Flowers: Flowers are a timeless Mother's Day gift that symbolize love, beauty, and appreciation. Whether it's a bouquet of her favorite blooms or a potted plant that will last longer, flowers are sure to brighten her day and add a touch of natural beauty to her home.

Chocolates: Sweet treats like chocolates are a delightful indulgence that many mothers enjoy. Opt for a box of gourmet chocolates, truffles, or a selection of her favorite sweets to satisfy her sweet tooth and show her how much you care.

Jewelry: Jewelry is a classic and timeless gift that holds sentimental value and can be treasured for years to come. Whether it's a simple pendant necklace, a pair of elegant earrings, or a sparkling bracelet, jewelry is a meaningful way to show your mom how much she means to you.

Gift Hampers: Gift hampers are a versatile and customizable gift option that can be tailored to suit your mom's preferences and interests. Choose a pre-made hamper filled with gourmet treats, fine wines, or pampering products, or create your own bespoke hamper with her favorite goodies for a truly personalized touch. Whether she's a foodie, wine lover, or spa enthusiast, there's a gift hamper to suit every mom's tastes and preferences.

    6. Are there any traditional Mother's Day foods in Australia?

    • While there are no specific traditional foods associated with Mother's Day in Australia, families often enjoy brunch or dinner together at home or in restaurants. Some popular dishes include pancakes, pastries, roast dinners, seafood platters, and desserts like pavlova or lamingtons.

    7. How can I make Mother's Day special for my mum?

    • Making Mother's Day special for your mum is all about showing her love and appreciation in a way that resonates with her. Consider her interests, preferences, and personality when planning the day. Whether it's a heartfelt gesture, thoughtful gift, or quality time spent together, the key is to make her feel cherished and loved.

    8. What are some Mother's Day traditions in Australia?

    • While there are no specific nationwide traditions, many families have their own rituals for celebrating Mother's Day. These may include breakfast in bed, handwritten cards, family gatherings, or outdoor activities like picnics or bushwalks. The most important tradition is honoring and appreciating the mothers in our lives.

    9. What are some Mother's Day events and activities in Australia?

    • Many communities across Australia host special events and activities to celebrate Mother's Day. These may include Mother's Day brunches or lunches at local restaurants, markets selling flowers and gifts, charity events, and family-friendly activities such as fun runs or festivals. If you are based in Melbourne, check-out Mother's Day classic fun run which is one of Australia's largest charity events. Also, check local listings and event calendars for more information.
      10. How can I show appreciation for other mother figures in my life on Mother's Day?
      • In addition to celebrating your own mother, take the time to acknowledge and thank other mother figures in your life, such as grandmothers, aunts, godmothers, or mentors. Consider sending them a card or small gift, giving them a phone call or visit, or simply expressing your gratitude and love in person or through a heartfelt message.


      Mother's Day is a cherished occasion for Australians to honor and celebrate the special women in their lives. Whether it's through heartfelt gifts, quality time spent together, or acts of appreciation, Mother's Day is an opportunity to show gratitude and love to the mothers who have shaped and nurtured us.

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