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Dreamscape Bliss Hamper

Dreamscape Bliss Hamper

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Unwind with our curated signature collection designed to envelop you in relaxation and promote a restful night's sleep. Illuminate your space with the calming glow of a hand-poured crystal effect candle. This is the perfect gift to pamper yourself or a loved one you care.

The hamper contents:

  • Sleep therapy perfume, which promotes calm, sleep and stress relief making it perfect to use at the end of a busy day to promote rest.
  • Lavender and Magnesium bath salt to relax the muscles and promote rest.
  • Lavender + Frankincense calm balm, a harmonious blend of nature's most calming botanicals, crafted to bring tranquility to your senses.
  • A hand poured crystal effect candle inspired by the classic scent and colours of French Lavender, known for its stress-relieving and calming properties.
  • A pink satin sleep mask with an elastic band ensuring a customizable fit, a stylish addition to your bedtime routine.
  • An optional free thank you gift card.
  • A white folding box with hand bowed satin ribbon.

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